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Welcome to Monster Funder, the largest collection of donors, angels (anonymous donors), followers, and fundraiser's anywhere. Period. We understand that from time to time everyone needs a little help and Monster Funder was created solely for this purpose. What had started out as a small group of donors and angels helping many in need quickly grew exponentially. Recently we blew past 1.3 million followers across our large network of 6 incredible Twitter pages. With such a dedicated and active following we use our platform to help many in need, people just like you!

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When you purchase a package through Monster Funder we will then promote your fundraiser on the following 6 pages and to over 1.3 million combined followers. We encourage you to visit and follow our Twitter pages and please feel free to share any fundraising campaigns that touch you personally, sharing is caring!


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Once you have purchased your package from Monster Funder you have then reserved a spot for your fundraising campaign on our 6 very large and active Twitter pages. With access to over 1.3 Million of our dedicated and active followers you stand the best chance to having your campaign funded. We guarantee to give you maximum exposure by promoting your campaign 6 times daily and during Twitters peak usage hours. Your fundraising campaign will be broadcasted in the morning, afternoon, and evening to give you the best chance of being seen and funded. This level of exposure in front of the right people will skyrocket your campaigns exposure and drastically increase your chances of being funded. Get started today and lets see where Monster Funder can take you!

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Over 1.3 Million Incredible Followers


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6 large Pages That We Promote Your Fundraiser On

Thank you so much for helping save Zoey's life. We are happy to report that she is doing great and recovering from surgery.

Elliot Munro
MonsterFunder Client

Thank you for all the exposure and donations you helped bring to our campaign, we truly cannot thank you enough!

Jack Sletten
MonsterFunder Client

Because of the generosity of your community we were able to raise over $21,000. We thank you and everyone who helped us.

Robin Fedusiak
MonsterFunder Client


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